Joint Replacements & Physical Therapy

Joint Replacements & Physical Therapy

Considering a joint replacement?

There are some important things to keep in mind!

Most orthopedic surgeons will give their patients a prescription for a physical therapy visit before TKR (total knee replacement) and THR (total hip replacement) surgery, or “pre-hab.” The importance of this is to have the patient doing exercises to STRENGTHEN the knee/ hip area, working with them in different ways to improve FLEXIBILITY and TEACH the proper way to use the walker & cane for post-surgery.

Physical therapy is a critical part of a successful joint replacement. Getting up and moving soon after joint replacement surgery is the key to a successful outcome. The new joint needs continued attention and care to function normally. During PT, the therapist will devise a plan of care that enables the patient to achieve goals and targets. Stretches and strengthening exercises help the patient regain balance, control and range of motion in the surgically replaced joint. Physical therapy sets the patient up for the physical activity they’ll be getting back to in their everyday life!

Some of the things we believe to be most important to our patients when choosing where to go for therapy are: personal one-on-one attention, quality hands-on care, private treatment rooms, insurance & benefit guidance and specialized treatment plans developed for each individual’s needs by their physical therapist. It is …. Your Health. Your Care. Your Choice. Be sure to have the BEST team to work with for your joint replacement journey!

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